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press brake die

germany TRUMPF press brake die, germany TRUMPF bending mold, TRUMPF press brake die


germany TRUMPF press brake die, germany TRUMPF bending mold, TRUMPF press brake die


TAG:germany TRUMPF press brake die, germany TRUMPF bending mold, TRUMPF press brake die

Applicable machines:press brake, bending machine, cnc press brake, sheet metal bending machine, plate bending machine, bending machine tool, multifunction ironworkers


press brake die description


Shanghai Zhengli Blades engaged in the germany TRUMPF press brake die production has more than 20 years, in 20 years time, we continue to optimize our plant germany TRUMPF press brake die according to customer needs and market updates throughout the press brake, so that the raw materials, processing technology and performance are among the germany TRUMPF press brake die industry. my factory production germany TRUMPF press brake die features: long life, wear resistance, stamping ability, high accuracy.


The scope of press brake die




Standard press brake die size


Standard press brake die size


Standard press brake die features


Standard press brake die features


Non-standard press brake die custom


We accept all kinds of non-standard germany TRUMPF bending mold making, please explain in detail requirements or provide the required germany TRUMPF bending mold drawings, our experienced engineers will help you according to your needs select raw materials and production process, ensure that you are satisfied with the production transfer of products, such products can not be used, we will be free to re-create.


press brake die practices


1, power press brake, reversing the key switch, press the pump start, pump start rotating press brake, when the machine has not yet begun work.

2, stroke adjustment, when started with a Bending upper mold folding work needs test. TRUMPF press brake die down to the bottom when there is a need to ensure that the thickness of the gap, otherwise it will mold and machine damage.

3, TRUMPF press brake die notch choice, and to select the thickness of 8 times the slot width. 4mm sheet metal, such as bending, need to select the slot 32 or so.

4, check the upper and lower TRUMPF press brake die degree of coincidence and ruggedness; check the positioning device meets the requirements to be processed. always check on the lower mold coincidence degree; gauge indicates compliance.

5, when bending sheet metal must be compacted to prevent bending the sheet tilt injury when the operator.

6, must cut off the power supply when the transfer sheet die, after stopping the operation performed.

7, variable press brake when changing lower die opening, not allowed to have any contact with the lower mold material.

8, prohibit the use of TRUMPF press brake die off the iron or thick steel plate quenched fire, senior steel, square steel and sheet metal press brake performance over the sheet, so as to avoid damage to the machine.

9, closed press brake, to be placed on the lower mold wood underneath both sides of the cylinder will slide on down to the wood. Exit control system program, after power off.

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