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press brake die


press brake dies


Press brake die is bending machine used for sheet metal forming tool that constitute various parts, different mold constituted by different parts. it is mainly by changing the physical state of the molding material to achieve the objects shape processing. under the action of press brake to pressure the billet become a specific shape and size of the parts of the tool. is divided into bending machine upper and lower molds for sheet metal stamping and mold separation. the molding mold has a cavity, separated by the mold have the edge. our factory press brake die development and production for more than 20 years, we understand that work needs of various physical properties of press brake die and various environments, based on these factors, we continue to optimize our press brake dies, with high precision, wear-resistant, durable.

Press brake die manufacturers generally choose T8 or T10, T10A materials, my factory press brake die material is generally used 42CrMo, 42CrMo steel better than the average strength, toughness and wear resistance, can work in the following 500 degrees. also, if you have higher requirements on the material, we have a variety of other options, such as Cr12MoV. our perennial with Shougang, Anshan Iron and steel industry giants such as China, the steel used are no testing steel, press brake die in China forefront of the industry in product strength, toughness, wear resistance and so on.

My factory with strong technical force and high-precision CNC machining equipment. 20 years of experience in bending machine die manufacturing has trained a group of senior engineers bending machine die. from the press brake die design, manufacturing, testing, and we have strict workflow and requirements. in addition, we introduce a full set of Germany large gantry planer, large gantry grinding machine, vertical milling machine, line cutting, Rocker drilling, drilling, grinding and other full blade mold manufacturing equipment. my factory production to ensure the effective press brake die precision, high wear-resistant properties.

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