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What are the precautions for applying a bending machine blade?
1, in the operation of CNC bending machine before, to carefully check whether the blade is normal, electrical equipment, intact, smooth system to clear the situation. Do not stack debris on the table. 2,.......Read More..
Press Brake Die use of taboo
When Press Brake Die how to improve process quality and Press Brake Die life and technical knowledge on the subject, is different. Press Brake Die each link will be an important objective, which requires.......Read More..
How be addressed bending machine blades tip bias
Bending machine knife bias leads to bend out of the workpiece is not on the same line, so it will be very beautiful. This situation generally appears in the grinder when grinding. Compete in Shanghai sai.......Read More..
Hydraulic bending machine blade die deformation of the reasons for what
After years of use, hydraulic bending machine knife deformation is not what the industrys new events, but specifically what caused this situation? Some experts in the field of bending machine mold some o.......Read More..
Bending machine dies blades tip is not in the same line on how to deal with?
Bending machine molds need to be installed after the purchase of combinations, if the installer is not professional enough or re-installation process will lead to some accidents in the bending machine mo.......Read More..
Use the basic press brake dies specifications
Typically, the molding and processing of the object without the use of press brake dies , should pay attention to is that to press brake dies best results, and some of it is basic use and specification. .......Read More..
Specific components of press brake dies
First, the general points upper and lower die. Two structures press brake dies , which is mainly used for sheet metal forming and separation is all machines must have two structural model, mold machine r.......Read More..
It differs from the overall heat treatment and high-frequency heat treatment at both the bending machine dies
press brake dies hardness of between 45 -48 . There induction hardening and vacuum hardening whole two kinds of heat treatment. High-frequency heat treatment blade press brake dies only the surface hardn.......Read More..
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