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It differs from the overall heat treatment and high-frequency heat treatment at both the bending machine dies


press brake dies hardness of between 45 ° -48 °. There induction hardening and vacuum hardening whole two kinds of heat treatment. High-frequency heat treatment blade press brake dies only the surface hardness of about 5mm depth, This high frequency heat treatment is only suitable for press brake dies sheet aluminum, this press brake dies approach is relatively simple, the price is more appropriate, if the pressure plate, then it is recommended that the election process of the high-frequency press brake dies, more affordable.

press brake dies overall strength of the overall heat treatment is much better, not deformed. overall hardness is very uniform, under reasonable circumstances press brake dies design, the overall heat treatment of the press brake dies die than deal with the life of the high-frequency several times higher. but press brake dies process than the high-frequency processing complex, the natural price is also much higher. If the pressure is thick stainless steel plate press brake selection overall heat treatment of the die can achieve a multiplier effect.

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