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Use the basic press brake dies specifications


Typically, the molding and processing of the object without the use of press brake dies, should pay attention to is that to press brake dies best results, and some of it is basic use and specification.

Before use, be sure to adjust the press brake dies installed, to be cleaned of dust, scrap iron. Another point of module to adjust the specification. Don't overlook these steps before the official operation because the operation is hard to repair. After the power is switched on, do not immediately start to run press brake dies, you can start the pump and let it begin to turn, as the preheating process. Then adjust, die slot control, sheets must be secured during operation, forming the style required, if they are not fixed or even injury to the operator.

Press brake dies process appears to be very simple to use, but each of these steps and key, improper operation will not only affect the bending forming, and damage to the staff, so we practice strict adherence to standards and norms implementation.

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