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Bending machine dies blades tip is not in the same line on how to deal with?


Bending machine molds need to be installed after the purchase of combinations, if the installer is not professional enough or re-installation process will lead to some accidents in the bending machine mold can not be used normally or is prone to failure, bending machine knife tip installation Not on the same line is one of the more serious problems. When this occurs, return the bending machine tool to the factory for re-commissioning. However, in order to avoid more complex work, before deciding to return to the manufacturers themselves to take certain measures.


Look for a thick piece of wood a little longer, facing the position of the mold section of the hard percussion, the force slowly increased from small to prevent excessive force caused by knocking the mold inward bias. This repeated a few times, not a minute will be able to come out of the bending machine knife to restore. If it is inward bias, can be biased in this section of the temporary reverse installation, using the above method of percussion, until the reduction. Of course, the technical precision knife made here suggest that if not very anxious to use the bending machine knife, or should die back to the factory to re-straighten the next, this will make bending machine mold more beautiful and durable.

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