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Press Brake Die use of taboo


While press brake die automation technology is getting higher, but there are some taboos during the operation or improper operation of press brake die itself has not only a great deal of damage, more a threat to the safety of operators. press brake die taboo to sum up a total of four points, cannot be adjusted while the machine is running. Here are the details.




First, running machine is strictly prohibited. In work during, machine appeared has mold not are of phenomenon, this when to catch work progress, also to didn't want to trouble, so has many operation on like in machine in running of situation down for adjustment, actually such for personal security caused must of risk, such often will injury hand, so in fold bent machine tool for adjustment of when, must to first shut machine, again adjustment.




Second, bend the balance sheet. For machine operation time, must not compress it to one end of the analysis of the material alone, there are now many times, this imbalance caused by natural moulds has a great deal of damage, nature because it is not a normal sheet bend, nature is plate loss.




Three, and adjustment Xia die Shi to note cannot let any of Board material and it contact, because Xia die in adjustment of process in the, is in a not moving determine of State, although mold in work of when, has is big of hardness, but it in adjustment of when, often will because contact points not, and for mold caused must of damaged, so this is must to note.




Four, and in machine run during, must to note machine behind cannot station people, such is for personnel security of a nursing, because in machine work during, regardless of is machine in action of when exists with must of risk, also in material Board pressure bent zhihou of rebound sex, also are for personnel exists with great of potential threat, so must to guarantee machine rear cannot station people.


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