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What are the precautions for applying a bending machine blade?


1, in the operation of CNC bending machine before, to carefully check whether the blade is normal, electrical equipment, intact, smooth system to clear the situation. Do not stack debris on the table.


2, the operation of CNC bending machine should be assigned 2 to 3 professionals, were responsible for feeding, handling scale accuracy, reclaiming materials and other steps.


3, bending machine to see gaps in accordance with the thickness of the standard Jianban to adjust, not at the same time cut the different standards of sheet metal. At the same time pay attention to the shear of the sheet to the appearance of smooth, can not compaction of the narrow sheet is not suitable for use bending machine shear.


4, in the CNC bending machine belts, gears and other parts of the movement to set up protective shield.


5, in the feeding, the operator's fingers from the scissors at least 20cm away from the mouth, but also away from the compression equipment; fence installation can not cover the operator to detect the cutting site; operation of the waste generated to clean up in time to avoid injury To the people.

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