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How to use the press brake mold correctly?


First, turn on the power, turn on the key switch in the control panel, and then start the pump, so you hear the press brake of the oil pump rotation of the sound. (This time the machine does not move).


2, stroke adjustment press Brake mold use must pay attention to adjust the trip, be sure to test before press brake. Brakes on the die down to the bottom must be guaranteed to have a thickness of the gap. Doing so may damage the mold and the machine. Stroke adjustment is also a fast electric adjustment and manual gastric tone.


3, press Brake slot die under the choice of the general thickness of 8 times the width of the slot. Such as press brake 4mm sheet, need to choose 32 or so slots.


4, check the press bBrake up and down the mold of the coincidence and ruggedness; check whether the positioning device to meet the processing requirements. Always check the upper and lower mold coincidence; pressure gauge instructions are in line with regulations.


5, the sheet metal must be compacted press brake to prevent press brake when the sheet metal wounding.


6, transfer sheet metal stamping die must be cut off, stop running after.


7, in the variable press brake lower die opening, does not allow any material with the next mold contact.


8, ordinary press brake molds to prohibit folding thick iron or quenched steel, high alloy steel, square steel and sheet metal press brake over the performance of the sheet metal, so as not to damage the machine.


9, shutdown, to the bottom of the cylinder on both sides of the next block of wood placed on the slide down to the wood block. First exit the control system program, then cut off the power.

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